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This is the VNC Server for MorphOS. The VNC Server allows remote access to the computer. The current visible screen is displayed on the connected clients, and clients can control the mouse, keyboard and clipboard.

VNC Server is freeware. VNC Server is Copyright © 2005-2010 Harry Sintonen and Jacek Piszczek. VNC Server logo is Copyright © 2005-2010 André Siegel. All Rights Reserved.

Main features include:
  • Upto 63 simultanous clients.
  • MUI GUI with full keyboard control.
  • Flexible access control list, with multiple passwords with different settings. You can for example disable mouse, keyboard and clipboard for users who don't know the password for full access. You can allow or deny any IP/Mask.
  • Realtime Settings: Change setting and the change takes action immediately. Settings are saved automagically when VNC Server is quit.
  • Extensive security features: By default will prompt local user to accept/ reject incoming connections. Also, only LAN connections are allowed by default.
  • Logical view of connected clients, with possibility to disconnect (Kick) or block and disconnect (Kickban) selected client or all connected clients.
  • Support for Remote FrameBuffer (RFB) protocol upto version 3.8.
  • Clipboard support: You can copy text between server and client.
  • DisplayBeep support: The client 'bell' event it sent when DisplayBeep occurs.
  • Support for ZLib compression with conforming clients (MorphVNC and TightVNC for example). Using ZLib enabled client is highly recommended.
  • Support for framebuffer resize extension with conforming clients (RealVNC, TightVNC and probably other modern clients).
  • Support for screen swap: All screens are displayed properly (*).
  • Support for local mouse pointer extension for faster client mouse pointer movement.
  • No slow full screen polling, but instead implements intelligent routines to detect display changes. There is very little system load when display is idle.
  • Fully asynchronous design with advanced state engine. There are no blocking operations, so connected clients will continue to run normally even if other clients attempt to connect or if settings are being changed.

* Palette indexed screen support is not fully finished in current version: Palette changes are not promoted to clients, and mouse pointer can appear with weird colours. Clients that don't support framebuffer resize extension will only display left-top part of the larger screens.


- MorphOS 2.0 or later
- MorphOS 1.4 or later (RC4)
- TCP/IP stack