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MUICON is a robust, MUI based console handler featuring its own terminal display class (PowerTerm.mcc).

Features of MUICON include:
  • Highly configurable filename completion including unix paths support
  • Multiple pages per window, possibility to detach pages
  • Configurable hotkeys and buttons
  • Many useless functions to make your life harder
  • Annoying author forcing NULL innerspacing everywhere
Features of PowerTerm.mcc include:
  • Fast refresh and scroll (tested to be the fastest terminal display for MorphOS *)
  • Resize support with full scrollback buffer
  • Pattern background support
  • Configurable colors & font
  • Support for most common ESC codes
  • Compatibility with Term.mcc
  • Annoying author ignoring bug reports
*) depending on who's doing the test

New PowerTerm available. Be sure to get this one if you use Logtool!
Uploaded the updated german catalog. Thanks Otti!

New PowerTerm available. Fixes some key translation issues.
Uploaded the updated french catalog. Thanks FALCON!

New MUICON/ PowerTerm update available! See the .notes in the archive. Please note that you should update sshcon and logtool too!

You may also download the development package for PowerTerm now!

New MUICON/ PowerTerm update available. Life support for dead keys renewed.

South Pole Edition released (note: penguins aren't included yet).

A new update! This time the main dish is a recent PowerTerm.mcc!!!

Added resize handling code for ixemul.library based applications. Please make sure to update your openssh from here. Get 50.20 from the download sectionh

The Dreamolers site moved to binaryriot.com (thanks tokai!)

Because of the url change I decided to make a recompile of MUICON. Version 50.19 is not based at the current development version, it has no new features, I just merged in some of the bugfixes done after 50.18. I am fully aware that the windowless tab completion still has some problems under 50.19, I've got no time to fix that now though. Changelog is included in the README file inside MUICON's archive.

New version of MUICON and PowerTerm is in progress. No possible release date known yet. Features of new versions will include full xterm compatibility, new hotkeys, bugfixes and much much more. More info once a release date will be known.

For now please enjoy the Hotkeys section :) I'm sure it'll help a bit with the configuration.