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SSHCON is a MUICON fork designed to provide a perfect environment for remote work on linux (and other) machines using OpenSSH. Standard MorphOS or AmigaOS console environment just doesn't fit the requirements due to various incomatibilities.

Basicly as configurable as MUICON, SSHCON has some additional tweaks making it easier to operate in xterm compatible environments. It also features a server address book that can store your passwords and has all the great things of the upcoming MUICON - page drag & drop, search function. New PowerTerm version allows it to fully utilise xterm capabilities such as screen swap, mouse tracking or utf8 handling (with ttengine.library by Grzegorz Kraszewski).

Requirements: MorphOS 1.4+, OpenSSH

Donations: MorphZone!

Fixed ttengine/iconv links. Get latest PowerTerm from muicon's archive!

Whoa! A new build. Works with latest PowerTerm 50.68+

SSHCON available for DOWNLOAD!!! OMG!!

We're very close to a release now! Full UTF8 support is working! Check the screenshots section.

OK, things are progressing slowly, but a lot has changed since the last update! First of all SSHCON got a lot cleaner, the ixemul.library fixes are ready and are currently being tested. I also added local/remote alt key support (allows sending alt to remote server instead of using it for local character mapping).

Sorry it took so long to update this page ;)

This site is online :)