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logtool is a small util I made to help me analyzing the tons of debug output MorphOS produces everyday on my development machine. I decided to release it since others might find it useful as well.

logtool's features are:

  • Catching logs from ramdebug, serial or loading from a file
  • Filtering out useless lines
  • Coloring most important lines
  • Configurable filters
  • Possibility to run in background and popup on new debug
  • No documentation (it's too simple to write any anyway)

logtool is FREEWARE

27.08.2009, 2.7
Updated ohcimon, better support for ohcimon logs

27.05.2009, 2.4-2.6
Changes in log filtering. Please note that the filter prefs changed and you might need to recreate your filters. Support for firewire logs with OHCI1394Mon by Frank Mariak.

30.04.2008, 2.3
More issues related to file dumps fixed, including a nasty race. More in the .readme attached.

8.11.2007, 2.0
Fixes many weird issues with log analyzing code, source dumps should work better now Logtool can be launched with a filelog as an attribute

23.02.2007, 2.0b2
Configurable objdump path + small fixes

23.02.2007, 2.0b1
This version was designed to make developers lazy :) Have a look at the new screenshot

21.02.2007, 2.0a2
Still not there, but moving forward. Added search, fixed * in process names not being loaded correctly.
Make sure to update PowerTerm to 50.70! It fixes a serious problem all of you probably experienced once in a while when using logTool

12.02.2007, 2.0a1
We're about to introduce new debugging standards on MorphOS :) RTFM the enclosed .readme file and mind that it's an early alpha (should be stable tho)

9.02.2007, 1.10
"Apply filters" and "Apply coloring" in file logging actually work now
Added "Save Colored As..." to the menu

22.01.2007, 1.9
Fixed silly zeropage write hits when loading .db objects :)

16.01.2007, 1.8
Tweaked to work with PowerTerm 50.68+ (required!)

03.07.2005, 1.7
Fixed silly zeropage write hits when loading .db objects

14.06.2005, 1.6
Fixed a possible race on quit, about doesn't clear the display anymore

6.06.2005, 1.5
Closes the file directly after reading it (log from file mode) Added spurious interrupt to default filter remove list

21.05.2004, 1.4
Fixed a case where logtool could report wrong function on hits (didn't load all functions from the dump) Added optional line enumeration for alfie

24.04.2005, 1.3 released
Whoopsie, apparently file loging was not initialised at startup, fixed.

17.04.2005, 1.2 released
This is a special version for lazy people that do not want to use objdump themselves. You can now load an unstripped binary of your application and logtool will tell you in which function your app crashed

5.04.2005, 1.1 released
Changes are: bugfixes in filtering, possibility to log stuff to a file

18.03.2005, 1.0 released
That's all for now :) Read the readme file in the archive for more info :)

17.03.2005, 0.9 released
Just noticed that doing a release every 20 minutes is annoying. OK, this time I fixed the pb when the debug that got filtered out triggered deiconify and when new debug caused the window to steal focus when already deiconified. Changed the "X" hotkey again since it was confusing :) Thanks to henes and stan for pointing out some of the issues.

17.03.2005, 0.8 released
Aaargh... For some reason Save config function used "C" as hotkey which masked clipboard support. Changed it to "X". Copying logs to clipboard works now.

17.03.2005, 0.7 released
Small update right after the initial release. Fixes non-working Menu->Quit, adds: Menu->Clear, doubleclick on filter->edit.